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Do you think you can effectively use your powers of persuasion to solve and prevent problems? Then you could be a lawyer in the making!

The University of Bolton is one of the best places to acquire a law degree. For two years running, our law courses have been ranked number one in the North West for student experience, and the university overall has been rated in the top five in the UK for teaching quality, according to The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019 and 2020. Our ‘Teaching Intensive, Research Informed’ approach will ensure that you graduate with the power to make a real impact in this challenging legal profession.

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Looking for a career path? Get a degree in Law

17 Aug 20

Study Law at the University of Bolton, No.1 in the North West for the past three years in Student Satisfaction in the Complete University Guide and No.2 in Teaching Quality in the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020.

Results ar...


Why you should pick our foundation year Law course

27 May 20

Obtaining a position on a Law degree course can be difficult, not only are there entry requirements to meet, but you also need to be ready for the high commitment levels it requires. One of the best ways to get onto a Law degree is by co...

Law Student University of Bolton

What a career in Law looks like

27 May 20

Deciding on a career path can seem like a tremendous task to begin with. After studying multiple subjects for years, you finally have an idea about what you enjoy learning and potentially a career to pursue. The next step is to look for ...

Law Books

Law degree entry requirements you will require

26 May 20

A Law degree can provide you with the essential skills needed to be a successful lawyer, but also a successful producer, politician, manager, journalist, diplomat or police officer. A Law degree equips you for almost any profession that ...


Equality before the law

07 May 20

For over a century, there has been a fight to see every individual equal in the eyes of the Law. Throughout the 21st century, women and ethnic minorities have fought for their right to equal opportunities within society, but change only ...


Changing the law; landmark court cases

28 Apr 20

The law is designed to serve justice, but it is not set in stone and can change. Landmark court cases are those which challenge expected outcomes and lead to changes in legislation.

One landmark court case was the Belmarsh decision...


Josh Foster

Law | 2018

"I attended an offer-holder day and was immediately interested in what the law entailed. The university is very welcoming and the lecturers are very supportive. The law school offers a wide range of opportunities, especially for students from a non-law background. The course is very well organised and the teaching is very in-depth and highly stimulating. The course allows us to gain knowledge over a broad range of subjects."


Junaid Chowdhry

Law | 2019

"Law is a profession where one has the ability to help those that are less fortunate. I chose to study law at the University of Bolton because the balance between the practical aspects of law and the academic aspects is perfect, and is what I enjoy most about the course."


Joseph Brown

Law | 2018

"I have experienced a taster day at Bolton Coroners Court, where I was able to discuss proceedings with the Assistant Coroner Dr Duncan, and the Coroners First Officer. I experienced the judiciary in a different form compared to other courts I have experienced. In the Coroners Court it was clear that the family of the deceased were made a much higher priority, for example being given an opportunity to ask witnesses questions for themselves, and being given an opportunity to address the Coroner. It was interesting to see how the inquisitorial system in place allows the families of the deceased to take a much higher priority than claimants or victims in adversarial courtrooms. While the difference in other courtrooms is obviously necessary it was, nevertheless, an interesting difference in tone."


Rene McCarthy

Law | 2017

"The course is highly stimulating and covers a number of interesting subjects and the course keeps the students very motivated. The Lecturers are helpful, available when we need them, and help us get work experience."



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We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

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