School of Education and Psychology

Welcome to the School of Education and Psychology

Welcome to the School of Education and Psychology

The University of Bolton’s School of Education and Psychology is an ideal place to advance your knowledge in these areas. In addition to learning these fascinating subjects, you can gain professional qualifications to enhance your employability, professional and personal skills.

You will study a wide range of subjects related to your specific degree pathway. Psychology pathways may include cognitive, social, biological and developmental modules. Education pathways may include philosophy of education, psychology of education, curriculum, leadership and management, and teacher education.

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Welcome to the University of Bolton

With links to educational partners across the UK, and in Europe and the Middle East, our programmes and research have international reach. Our expertise means we are well-placed to offer specially-designed foundation programmes and pre-sessional English language courses for international students. We also offer Access courses that are designed to help students who are returning to learning to achieve their potential.



Nisha Sykes

BSc (Hons) Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling | 2019

"All the tutors have been amazing and in particular, the support of Dr Jacqui Harrison, my final year personal tutor, has been tremendous. Without her unfaltering support and encouragement, I would not have achieved what I have. The tutors’ depth of knowledge makes such a tremendous difference."


Dominic McConnell

BSc (Hons) Psychology | 2018

"After graduating from the University of Bolton in 2018 with a BSc (Hons) Psychology, I spent the summer applying for jobs and emailing organisations offering my services. I focused specifically on mental health settings due to my career aspirations of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. Fortunately, the organisation I had been on a placement with during the final year of my degree had a vacancy for an Assistant Psychologist, and they invited me to apply. I interviewed for the job with great confidence due to the skills I had learnt from the placement, which was a core part of my final year at University, and thankfully, I was successful.

Since starting as an Assistant Psychologist I have progressed from a part-time role to working full-time, and am enjoying every aspect of it. Alongside the practical experience, I have also taken on a voluntary role as a Research Assistant at the University of Manchester; wanting to give myself the best possible chance of being accepted onto the Clinical Doctorate programme in the future."


Laura Adamson

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (M): English | 2016

"The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), was extremely informative and Daryl Wright was very supportive. My placement provided me with a first-hand experience of teaching. I learnt a lot about the responsibility and also about overcoming barriers to learning. The skills gained from my PGCE enabled me to move straight into an hourly-paid role from May and then a permanent position in September. Without the University of Bolton, I would not have been able to do this."


Shane O'Neill

CEO, Global Policing Limited |

"I believe that by working together with the students from the University of Bolton we can learn a lot from each other. As my overall aim is to help young people make the right choices in life, what better way than to bring students in to help us do that."

Assistant Principal

Manchester College |

"We value the input and contributions of our employers who also act as mentors and assessors to our Education programmes and events. Our employers support The University of Bolton’s Centre of Pedagogy conferences, with talks, new research presentations and discussion underpinned by the University of Bolton’s TIRI (Teaching Intensive Research Informed) approach to Education."


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5 Reasons to Upskill and Become a Positive Psychology Coach

23 Nov 20

Our MSc Positive Psychology course is designed for psychology graduates interested in upskilling in this relatively new subject area. If you want to train in this specialist field, and want to take a flexible and fairly autonomous approa...

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Why Choose the University of Bolton to Upskill in a Psychology Master's?

23 Nov 20

Postgraduate study is a requirement if you want to become a chartered psychologist and register as a practitioner psychologist with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC). It’s also a necessary step for those wanting to move ...

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Youth Worker Training and Upskilling: Essential Traits

23 Nov 20

Working with young people is highly rewarding, but not everyone has the right qualities to be successful in such an important profession. What you do directly impacts young lives and the local community, so it’s important to upskill an...

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Psychology Conversion Upskilling: Who is this Course Designed For?

20 Nov 20

Conversion courses are a great stepping stone for graduates who are looking to transfer their skills into a different subject area or enhance their job prospects. The MSc Psychology Conversion course at the University of Bolton is a high...

reskill Cognitive behaviour therapy 2

Why Reskill in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training?

16 Nov 20

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is considered to be one of the best therapies for getting quick results. Both goal-oriented and problem-focused compared to other types of therapy, it can bring a lot of reward and job satisfaction for t...

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PGCE Upskilling: Do You Have What It Takes to Teach Students Aged 14+?

13 Nov 20

Teaching teenagers and young adults is hugely rewarding. Not only do you get to help the next generation reach their potential, but every day will be exciting and different. Young people begin to really develop their skills and personali...

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