Best Nightlife in Manchester

For fun-seekers looking for the UK’s best night scene, you’ll be spoiled for choice. From amazing clubs and bars like Flight Club to the amazing Manchester music scene; the options are extensive. So, put your glad rags on and ice your heels; we’re going out out.

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Clubs and bars in Manchester

Here are just a few picks for the best nightlife in Manchester. With so many clubs and bars in Manchester to choose from, it’s hard to make any sort of comprehensive list.

Matt & Phreds Jazz Club

On Tib street, this is one of the best bars in the city. Cocktails, pizza and all the funk, soul and jazz you could eat up? Yes, please. It’s a Manchester music scene darling.

The Cockatoo Club

If cabaret is your vibe, this 1920s-style club in the Gay Village is pouring pints and twirling pasties until the wee hours. Go for drag shows, comedy, cocktails and more.

Flight Club

The ridiculous and unexpected vibe of this club earned it a national award in 2022. Lights dance to the music and there’s oche on offer for all. Show up for brunch to get a taste of something special.

La Gitane

This nightclub near the library on Bridge Street is a bit of a hidden gem. Talk to promoters or seek them out on social media for white parties and theme dance nights that’s all very throwback 2000s.

The Bread Shed

If metal is your thing, you’ll love this rebellious venue in the music scene. Open Fridays and Saturdays until late, get a brew, bring a few mates and sink into the tunes. It’s the best nightlife in Manchester if you’re part of the alt crowd by far.

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