Fun Things to do in Manchester

There are so many fun things to do in Manchester, we couldn’t possibly list them all. But, no matter your tastes, there will be something on this list that you’ll enjoy. Oh, and scroll all the way down for FREE things to do in Manchester.

Things to do in Manchester city centre

You don’t need to go far to find fun things to do in Manchester – here’s a list of things to do in Manchester city centre itself:

Visit the Manchester Museum: Want to learn about this city and its people? You can explore a variety of exhibitions, including ancient Egypt, natural history and much more at this museum.

Explore the Northern Quarter: A trendy, bohemian area of Manchester with loads of independent shops and dining options; it’s a great place to immerse yourself in vibrant city life.

Visit an art gallery: Art lovers, unite! There are several collections at art galleries around town from a variety of time periods and styles. They are all well worth a few hours of rambling appreciation.

Go to a show: The city has plenty of theatres and performance venues. Why not catch a play, musical or concert while you’re in town?

Grab a meal: Known for its multi-cultural food scene, the city has plenty of restaurants serving up variety. Try some of the local specialties like a tart or a hotpot.[1] 

Free things to do in Manchester

Not all the fun things to do in this city cost a fortune. Here are some ideas that cost nout!

  1. Take a walk around the city centre
  2. Visit the People’s History Museum
  3. Stroll the River Irwell
  4. Visit the John Rylands Library
  5. Attend a free event or festival
  6. Visit the Cathedral
  7. Cycle or walk along the Ship Canal
  8. Check out the Whitworth Art Gallery
  9. Visit the Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens
  10. Tour the University of Bolton

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