Working and living in Manchester

Whatever level of work in Manchester you’re looking for, this city has everything. From student to graduate jobs and everything in between – discover a city that’s founded on commerce. (Just look at our rich, industrial past!)

Student Jobs Manchester

There are a tonne of student jobs available in Manchester! While there’s always work available in the hospitality sector, here are just a few that you might not have thought of:

Tutor: If you have a strong academic background, why not tutor other students? It can pay well, especially if you specialise in a high-demand subject like maths or science.

Delivery Driver: With the rise of online shopping, why not be a delivery driver for companies like Amazon or Deliveroo? What could be more flexible as a student job, Manchester?

Web Developer: If you have coding skills – or know how to use AI – you can work as a web developer freelancer. This job can pay very well. Just try to learn the high-demand coding languages of Python or JavaScript.

Social Media Manager: Many companies in Manchester are looking for people just like you to manage their social media accounts. If you like social and can create engaging content, this is one of the higher-paying student jobs, Manchester.

Graphic Designer: If you have skills in graphic design (or know how to use Canva at the very least); you can work as a freelancer. Pitch for work on People Per Hour or Upwork and get valuable experience in the creative industry.

Graduate Jobs Manchester

It’s time to look at some of the more interesting graduate jobs in and around Manchester. These aren’t the plain old office jobs you’d think of right away. They’re great careers you could start on right after school.

Cybersecurity Analyst: Protect computer systems and networks from potential attacks. If you studied cybersecurity tools, protocols and programming languages like Python; this could be the role for you.

User Experience (UX) Designer: Make user-friendly products and interfaces. If you have strong design skills and an understanding of user-centred design principles, Sketch or Adobe Creative Suite knowledge; you’d excel.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer: Ready to develop and implement new AI models? You just need to know Python and have an understanding of AI technologies to get one of the trending graduate jobs, Manchester.

Biomedical Engineer: Biomedical engineers use engineering principles to design and develop medical devices and equipment. If you know engineering principles and medical regulations, this could be the perfect job for you.

Healthcare Consultant: Healthcare consultants work with the NHS and private healthcare organisations to improve their ops and patient care. You’ll need to know healthcare policies and regulations and have good problem-solving and communication skills.

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