Manchester is a uni city

Manchester is a unique city for many reasons. Here are some of them:

– It is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and the first industrialised city in the world. It was home to many innovations such as the first inner-city railway, the first working canal, the first steam-driven mill and the largest producer of cotton.

– It is the home of the longest-running soap opera in the world, Coronation Street, which has been depicting northern life on TV for over 60 years.

– It is the creator of the world’s first programmable computer, Baby, which ran the first stored programme in 1948.

– It is a hub for creativity and culture, with a thriving independent scene in the Northern Quarter, a vast concentration of design and media agencies, and a host of museums, galleries and festivals.

– It is a proud proponent of LGBTQ+ communities, with one of the UK’s oldest gay and lesbian bars, the New Union on Canal Street, and a renowned annual Pride celebration.

– It is a fast-growing economy with a GDP of £28 billion and over 2,000 foreign enterprises.

– It is a great place to be a student, with four universities, a diverse and multicultural population, a vibrant nightlife and a low cost of living.

– It is a city of sport, with two world-famous football teams, Manchester United and Manchester City, as well as hosting major events such as the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and the Rugby World Cup in 2015.

Manchester is the ‘capital of the North’.

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