What it is like to live in Manchester

Here’s a day in the life of a typical student named Laura at one of the popular universities in Manchester, Bolton:

7:00 AM – Laura wakes up and meditates to focus her mind. She makes a breakfast of muesli and fresh fruit from Bolton’s farmers market.

8:00 AM – After her breakfast, she heads to her first class of the day. She tucks into a seat in one of the modern but cosy lecture halls and then stays behind to book some one on one time with her instructor, Gillian.

10:00 AM – After class, she heads to the library to study. She finds a quiet spot where she can read and organise her notes. On her Spotify study jams is a playlist she discovered not a local band at The Parklife Festival last year.

12:00 PM – Laura takes a break for lunch and heads to a nearby cafe to grab a sandwich and a lush coffee – double shot mocha latte? Yes, please!

1:00 PM – She has another class, but this one is a workshop where she gets to work with other students. She’s a bit nervous about the group work, but it’s such an easygoing and supportive environment that she quickly settles in. With their help, Laura feels more confident about her upcoming exam.

3:00 PM – After her class, She has some free time, so she decides to visit Bolton One for a cheeky little workout.

5:00 PM – She heads back to her room to do some more studying. She likes to read and review her notes from the day’s classes. She asks Kerri from down the hall to quiz her over a glass of wine.

7:00 PM – For dinner, Laura meets up with her long-term partner – John – for some sushi in town. They share a meal and talk about their day. He graduated last year from Bolton University and works at a nearby NHS trust.
10:00 PM – Lastly, she spends some time playing Animal Crossing to unwind before bed. She turns all screens off by 11 pm so she’s refreshed for the next day.

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