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Health and Social Care

Welcome to Health and Social Care

Health and social care are two of the most important aspects of health services, including everything from early years education to end of life and palliative care.

The insightful health and social care courses at the University of Bolton are specifically designed to meet the demands of the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework, which means you’ll be learning all the latest practices needed to excel in this challenging and rewarding field. Our apprenticeship/foundation degree will help you deliver elements of health and social care, undertaking clinical work in areas that previously have only been handled by registered professionals.

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Health and Social Care-Uni of Bolton

The University of Bolton Nurtures Self-Improvement: MSc Health and Social Care

18 Dec 20

If you want to study at an award-winning university with a supportive and friendly campus, look no further than the University of Bolton in Greater Manchester. Our MSc Social Care, Health and Wellbeing course is designed to help graduate...

Healthcare Management-Uni of Bolton

Healthcare Management Careers: Develop Self-Improvement Skills in 2021

16 Dec 20

To emerge stronger after the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important for healthcare workers to adapt and reskill. There’s never been a better time to retrain and enjoy professional development, and Postgraduate study is a fantastic pathway t...

Social Worker- Uni of Bolton

Benefits of Personal Development and Social Worker Training

25 Nov 20

The University of Bolton’s MSc Social Care, Health and Wellbeing course can help you take a step up on the career ladder if you are an ambitious care worker looking to mo...

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Why Upskill with a Master's Degree in Health and Social Care?

23 Nov 20

If you’re an ambitious graduate looking to improve your professional understanding of social care, health and wellbeing, our Postgraduate programme can put you on the right path to success. Upskilling can be a great way to move up in y...


Advance Your Career in Health or Social Care by Reskilling in 2021

09 Nov 20

If you are a health or social care practitioner looking to become an expert in your field, reskilling at the University of Bolton will be the best decision you make. Our MSc Advanced Clinical Practice course provides professionals with t...

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It's Not Too Late to Apply for a Health and Social Care Degree Course

08 Sep 20

We offer a wide range of degrees in Health and Social Care, including for Undergraduates and Postgraduates. If you dream of making a difference to the lives of sick or vulnerable peop...


Josh Hargreaves

Health and Social Care | 2019

"Being a Health and Social Care student on the HND, and later on the BSc top-up, has been a great experience. Understanding the depth of topics covered on this course has been fun; from health to legislation to politics it has given me far more versatility than I thought it would. I have loved all moments on the course from the great teaching to the amazing support. I would highly recommend this course to prospective students."


Saz Tucker

Volunteer Coordinator, Bolton Lads & Girls Club |

"Bolton Lads & Girls Club is a local charity that supports young people in Bolton through a wide range of activities, opportunities and services including our youth clubs, football teams, mentoring service and employability as well as much more.

Bolton Lads & Girls Club enjoys working with students from the Health and Social Care course as we have always found these students to be engaged, compassionate and genuinely interested in supporting our young people. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the department in the future."


Yasmin Rabar

Health & Social Care | 2017

"I chose this university because not only had it received excellent student support it was local to me. As a mum with children and a carer, I could still fulfil my learning dream and be able to fit it in with family life. Since I started my course I have made new friends and really enjoy attending my tutorials which are well organised, interesting and help me progress on my learning journey. I really have learned so much in the few weeks since I have been here and have experienced the amount of dedication, encouragement and support my tutors give to me and my class members and I really appreciate this and I am looking forward to progressing within my course."


Christine Mills

Volunteer Coordinator, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust |

"Bolton NHS Foundation Trust supports volunteering as this is an opportunity to inspire future generations of volunteers to play their part in shaping the innovation and care for the future. Our engagement with the University of Bolton and students provides social action by young people in health and care by supporting the development of new opportunities for volunteering.

This allows students to gain the experience needed for entry into certain Health careers, allowing them to find out about a career that interests them and decide whether or not it's right for them. Volunteering in local communities provides many benefits for students and their development. This includes building a sense of community and developing a range of skills such as team working, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving, all of which are crucial for their success in higher education and the workplace

It is recognised that volunteers we have are not only an essential resource in helping us to achieve our goals, but that by providing opportunities for and supporting volunteering, it also helps to promote active citizenship and social inclusion together with future employment prospects."



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