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We can’t wait for you to join us at #uniasitshouldbe. On this page you’ll find everything you need to know to get you ready for starting your University journey at Bolton. Watch our welcome video, complete your online enrolment (as soon as you’ve had your enrolment invitation), check out what’s going on at the Student Union and find out what teaching will be like when you start. You can even hear from some of our current students what it was like starting at Bolton before you arrive.

Enrolment in 5 Steps

Once you have met all the conditions of your offer you will be send an enrolment invitation via email. Please read this and the attachments carefully as it forms the basis of your contract with the University.

Completing your online enrolment

Step 1 – Your Invitation to Enrol

If your offer is still ‘conditional’ then you’ll need to send any documents or qualification evidence to us at before we can make your offer ‘unconditional’ and send your enrolment invitation.

Your enrolment invitation contains all the important information you need about enrolling and step-by-step guidance. Enrolment is an entirely online process and you can follow the links in the documents sent to you or here on this page. Note: You will not be able to enrol until you have received this email invitation.

Please ensure you have read and understood the email, programme specification and policies and referred to Student Policy Zone | University of Bolton before you proceed to enrol.

Step 2 – Complete the Enrolment Form

You will be asked for your provisional student number (shown on your offer letters or enrolment invitation) and your date of birth. This will generate your account details to enable you to complete enrolment.

You will be asked to read the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment carefully and accept that you agree to them. There will also be a few short questions that we need to collect the answers to from you.

Step 3 – Upload your Photo

Once you have enrolled online you will be asked to upload a photo for your ID card and virtual ID card. Your virtual ID card will appear on the MyBolton app which you should download as soon as you can. Your physical ID card will be distributed as soon as possible after the start of your course.

Step 4 – ID Check

Once you have completed enrolment you will be asked to upload a copy of your ID. We need to see this in order to make sure you have the right to study in the UK and to confirm your attendance to Student Finance England.

Full details of acceptable forms of ID are provided with your enrolment invitation or you can check enrolment instructions.

Once your ID has been checked and verified you will receive a confirmation email and you will have access to the library resources, IT systems and your personal timetable.

Step 5 – Attend your Course Induction

You will be sent information about your course induction separately so please keep an eye out for this information coming through. It’s really important you do your best to attend your course induction as this sets you up for the start of teaching and provides all the essential knowledge you’ll need about how your course works.

Enrolment Support Centre

If you have any problems enrolling you can contact us:

UK Undergraduate Students call : 01204 903394

UK Postgraduate Students call : 01204 903110

International Students call : 01204 903110

Don’t worry, if we are unable to resolve your problem on the phone you can visit the Student Centre when you arrive.

Get a head start

Take some time before you arrive to make sure you’ve applied for Student Finance and Accommodation and find out as much as you can about studying at Bolton, our friendly town and Student Union activities.

Download the myBolton App

The official app for the University of Bolton. providing useful information, tools. news. events and updates for enquirers, applicants, students, staff and alumni. For current students using the app will keep you up-to-date with all of the developments on campus and help you manage your day-to-day life on or off campus. You will be able to access your timetable. emails. moodle. library account. calendar. PC availability, advice and Support, campus maps, student hub and much more.